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  • Congrats to our brand new PHD! 2017-06-16.
  • IOP successfully held "Public Science Day", which appealed lots of visitors. Our lab was repotred by CCTV [Link] and Tencent News [Link]. Congrats! 2017-05-20.
  • Congratulations to Xiaobo, Hua and Li for defending their theses successfully! 2017-05-13.
  • We attended funny sports meeting held by IOP and got good awards by our good cooperation. 2017-04-28
  • We went spring outing at Summer Palace and boated on Kunming Lake. Have a nice day today! 2017-04-22
  • Xiaobo and Hua attended March meeting at New Orleans and gave an oral talk individually. 2017-3-25.
  • Biying and Huimin join our group, our newest graduate students. Welcome! 2017-2-14.
  • The website of our group was updated(http://nano.iphy.ac.cn/N07/index.htm). Please clear your cache files and refresh in order to browse our group's webpage successfully! 2017-2-7.
  • Welcome Yanbang, a new graduate student. 2016-12-16.
  • Guole successfully defended his thesis. Congrats! 2016-11-03.
  • Congratulations to Wei Yang, Meng Cheng, Guibai Xie and Duoming Wang for succesfully defending their Theses! The four new doctors. 2014.05.14
  • Rong Yang got the "Baojie" award. 2010.12.30
  • The deputy editor of Advanced Materials Dr. Martin Ottmar came to visit our group on 22nd September and presented a report to IOP on "A Closer Look at Publishing in Materials Science -- How to Maximize Your Success". 2010.09.26
  • Our lab won the third place in the Fall Basketball League. The Nano-Lab Basketball Team.2010.09.26
  • Doctor candidate Rong Yang participate in the 2009 Autumn Conference of Chinese Physical Society in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and gave a invited speech on "Research on the Raman Spectrum of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC". 2009.09.17
  • Our lab had lost to Hongli Team, and won the second place in the Fall Basketball League. 2009.10.30
  • Dr. Guangyu Zhang was employed as a Professor (Research Fellow). 2009.07.23
  • N07 group established in Feb. 2009. 2009.02.01