Research Field: Physics of Nanodevices

Low-dimensional nanostructures are of both fundamental and technological interests due to their extraordinary physical properties. Nanodevices built up by these nanostructures have intrinsic advantages as they behave differently with bulk materials. N07 group is focused on the synthesis of the nanostructures, design of nanodevices, and elucidation of their fundamental electronic, optical and other physical properties. We are interested in fabrication of nanoscale devices and study their functions.


uProf. Guangyu Zhang got the "New scientist of 2011 in IoP" award.

uRong Yang got the "Baojie" award in 2010.


Professor Guangyu Zhang
Nanoscale Physics and Devices Lab.
Institute of Physics, CAS, Beijing 100190, P. R. China
Phone: ++86+10-82649021
Fax: ++86+10-62556598

















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