Please fill in the Registration Form (.doc, .pdf) and send it to us by email (FOP@iphy.ac.cn) or fax (Fax No.: +86-10-8264-9007). For attendees who wish to present a contributed talk or poster, please also send us a short abstract (one page A4, see template here). The decision of which contributions will be picked for oral presentations will be made by the International Program Committee. Attendance will be confirmed on a first come first serve basis. The last date for applications will be February 29, 2012 or when the conference has been filled.

The conference fee of 2500 RMB /400 USD (for students 1200 RMB/200 USD), which will cover the program, a book of abstracts, refreshments, and a conference dinner will be due at the registration desk on April 7, 2012.

Payment methods

The registration fee can be paid through one of the following methods:

1) On-site, cash only. Pay at registration desks in Aiyue Hotel or Wangjiang Hotel on Apr 7, or in the conference center on Apr 8.

2) Bank electronic transfer:

    For international transfer:
    Beneficiary: Sichuan University (户名:四川大学)
    Account Number: 0145 0808 0910 14
    Name of the Bank: Bank of China the Chengdu Hi-Techindustrial Development Zone Bank-branch (开户行:中行棕南支行)
    Address of the Bank: No. 58 Kehua North Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China (银行地址:科华北路58号)

    For domestic transfer:
    户名: 四川大学
    账号: 5100 1870 4690 5988 8666
    开户行: 建行成都文化路分理处

Note: Please write "Registration fee for FOP2" and your full name in the message to the Beneficiary

3) By credit card

    Please send us (FOP@iphy.ac.cn) a copy of the credit card with both front and back sides and a copy of the card holder's signature.