Our Focus

We are mainly concerned with quantum transport properties of low-dimensional electron systems, which are based on topological insulators, semiconductor heterostructures, magnetic semiconductors and semimetals, and hybrid structures comprising multiple types of materials. Currently our work is focused on the electron transport properties in which topology, magnetism, and electron-electron interactions often play essential roles. Most of our research requires a broad range of experimental techniques, including micro- and nano-fabrication, electron transport and spectroscopy at ultralow temperatures and in high magnetic fields, and in some cases, growth of low dimensional materials.

Recent publications:

G. Shi, M. J. Zhang, D. Y. Yan, H. L. Feng, M. Yang, Y. G. Shi, and Y. Q. Li, Anomalous Hall effect in layered ferrimagnet MnSb2Te4. Chin. Phys. Lett. 37, 047301 (2020).

D. Culcer , A. C. Keser , Y. Q. Li, and G. Tkachov, Transport in two-dimensional topological materials: recent developments in experiment and theory. 2D Materials 7, 022007 (2020).

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S. H. Li#, G. X. Gu#, E. K. Liu, P. Cheng, B. J. Feng, Y. Q. Li, L. Chen, and K. H. Wu, Epitaxial Growth and Transport Properties of Magnetic Weyl Semimetal Co3Sn2S2 Thin Films. ACS Appl. Elec. Mater. 2 (1), 126-133 (2020).

S. Yang, Z. L. Li, C. J. Lin, C. J. Yi, Y. G. Shi, D. Culcer, and Y. Q. Li, Unconventional Temperature dependence of the anomalous Hall effect in HgCr2Se4. Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 096601 (2019).

J. P. Sun, Y. Y. Jiao, C. J. Yi, S. E. Dissanayake, M. Matsuda, Y. Uwatoko, Y. G. Shi, Y. Q. Li, Z. Fang, and J.-G. Cheng, Magnetic-competition-induced colossal magnetoresistance in n-type HgCr2Se4 under high pressure. Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 047201 (2019).

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