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7.Y. L. Wang, Q. Liu, H. G. Zhang, H. M. Guo,and H. -J. Gao
¡°Molecular Rotors Observed by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy¡± (Chapter 11) in
<<Three-Dimensional Nanoarchitectures Designing Next-Generation Devices>>
Eds. Zhou Weiie and Wang Zhonglin,Pages 287-316, Springer, 2011.

6. H. M. Guo, Y. L. Wang and H. -J. Gao
"Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of the Si(111)-7x7 Surface and Adsorbed Ge Nanostructures" (Chapter 17) in
<<Applies Scanning Probe Methods XII - Characterization>>
Eds. B. Bhushan and H. Fuchs, Pages 183-220, Springer, 2009, USA.

5. T. Z. Yang,Anca Mocofanescu, C. M. Shen, H. -J. Gao, and C. W. Xiao
"Chapter 3: Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications" in
<< Micro and Nano Manipulations for Biomedical Applications>>
Eds. T.C. Yih and L. Talpasanu, P. 43-100, Artech House, 2008, USA.

4. Guest Editors: H. -J. Gao, H. Fuchs, and D. Chen
<< Advanced Materials and Nanoelectronics>>
Special Issue in Nanotechnology, Vol. 13, Number 6, December 2002
Institute of Physics Publishing, UK.

3. Guest Editors: H. -J. Gao, H. Fuchs, and D. Chen
<< Advanced Nanomaterials and Nanodevices >>
Institute of Physics Publishing (e-Book Series), UK. 2003, UK.

2. H. -J. Gao, Z. Q. Xue, and S.J. Pang
"Toward Organic Molecular Devices using an Ionized Cluster Beam Deposition Technique" in
<<Electrical and Optical Polymer System: Fundamental, Methods, and Application>>
Eds. D. L. Wise, D. J. Trantolo, et al., P.729-762, Marcer Dekker, INC, 1998, USA.

1. Z. Q. Xue, H. -J. Gao, and S. J. Pang
"Organic Thin Films for Ultrahigh Data Density Storage" in
<<Photonic Polymer System: Fundamental, Methods, and Application>>
Eds. D.L. Wise, G.E. Wnek, et al., P.895-935, Marcer Dekker, INC, 1998, USA.






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