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22. J. Weissenrieder, S. Kaya, J. L. Lu, H. -J. Gao, S. Shaikhutdinov, H. J. Freund, M. Sierka, T. K. Todorova, and J. Sauer
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12. F. Liu, P. J. Cao, H. R. Zhang, C. M. Shen, Z. Wang, J. Q. Li, and H. -J. Gao
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8. H. R. Zhang, C. M. Shen, S. T. Chen, Z. C. Xu, F. S. Liu, J. Q. Li, and H. -J. Gao
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Nanotechnology 16 (2), 267-272 (2005).
7. L. Pan, X. Lin, R. B. Liu, C. R. Li, X. B. He, H. -J. Gao, and B. S. Zou
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5. L. Y. Xin, X. G. Zhang, G. Q. Zhang, and C. M. Shen
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Journal of Applied Polymer Science 96 (5), 1539-1543 (2005).
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3. Z. C. Xu, C. M. Shen, T. Z. Yang, H. R. Zhang, H. L. Li, J. Q. Li, and H. -J. Gao
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Chemical Physics Letters 416 (4-6), 342-345 (2005).

2. X. Lin, X. B. He, J. L. Lu, L. Gao, Q. Huan, D. X. Shi, and H. -J. Gao
"Four-probe scanning tunnelling microscope with atomic resolution for electrical and electro-optical property measurements of nanosystems"
Chinese Physics 14 (8), 1536-1543 (2005).
1. C. W. Xiao, H. T. Yang, C. M. Shen, Z. A. Li, H. R. Zhang, F. Liu, T. Z. Yang, S. T. Chen, and H. -J. Gao
"Controlled growth of large-scale silver nanowires"
Chinese Physics 14 (11), 2269-2275 (2005).

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