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The International Workshop on Nanomaterials and Nanodevices (IWNN) aims at scholarly exchange of information on recent progresses in nanomaterials and their applications to emerging devices, and at fostering research collaborations. It is to provide a forum for all participants to communicate recent developments in nanoscale physics and devices, tackle challenges, establish possible collaborations and eventually advance our understanding of new physics in novel materials. The workshop is held in July every year.

2016 IWNN will be held jointly with ICON² (International conference on novel nanomaterial: engineering and properties) from 8 to 14 July. We expect a large group of students, postdocs and young faculties to attend the workshop.

ICON² is organised by the Synchrotron SOLEIL and the CEA Saclay. In the last years, intensive research activity has been devoted in the field of nanomaterials to significantly improve knowledge on their preparation, characterization, properties and potential applications. ICON² is an interdisciplinary conference which aims at facilitating discussions and scientific interactions on chemistry, biomaterials, functional polymers, energy storage and conversion materials, nano materials, ceramics, metals, and other novel materials. The conference is divided into three sessions. The first session is dedicated to time resolved experiments. Laser-pump-synchrotron-probe based spectroscopy and related techniques (X-FEL, HHG, 2PPE) at time scales ranging from millisecond to femtosecond are the main focus of this session. The second session is focused on the engineering and characterization of organic, inorganic and hybrid nanomaterials. The third session deals with nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage.

        July  7             Registration and welcome reception (Liaoning International Hotel)

        July  8-10        Scientific Program (Institute of Physice, CAS)

        July 12-14       Scientific Program (Norheast Normal University, Changchun)

     No registration fee. Please send the scanning copy of passport and abstract (abstract templet) to iwnn@iphy.ac.cn before 10  June 2016.
       July 7-10        Liaoning International Hotel    hotel Map    
       July 11-12      Changchun HNA Redbuds Hotel  
      July 14 or 15    Park Plaza Beijing Science Park 


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